Meditation is taught within the yoga classes and also on its own. Anne can provide private and group tuition in meditation.

Meditation is a state of inner contemplation, where the awareness is directed inwards. A point of concentration is often employed to encourage sustained focus. In order to progress in meditation it is first necessary to learn how to observe the breath. This encourages improved concentration which in turn leads to calmness or steadiness of mind. Visualisation techniques are also useful in aiding prolonged concentration. Words, positive affirmations or mentally repeated mantras are also used.

It is not necessary to be able to sit in any classical yoga position in order to meditate; rather it is more important that you are completely comfortable to sit still, without any distracting physical discomfort, with your spine upright.

People have different objectives from their meditation: It has proved beneficial for relieving the physical and mental symptoms of stress and anxiety. Research has shown that the practice of meditation can lower blood pressure and improve immune function. It can help improve concentration and clarity of mind. It can lead to personal insight. It can result in spiritual enlightenment.

Meditation can also just simply be ‘a breathing space’ in an otherwise hectic life.

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