What is Hypnotherapy?

As well as treating adults I offer treatment to children (aged 6+) and teenagers.

Children under the age of 16 years require the presence of a parent or appointed guardian throughout the session.

I hold a Basic Disclosure Certificate (formerly CRB) and am fully insured.

Childhood should be a time of exploration, fun and learning; however there are many children who suffer anxiety about day to day events which can lead to issues of low-self-esteem, lack of confidence, separation anxiety, obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions, behavioural problems etc.

Prolonged anxiety can be the cause behavioural issues, bedwetting, soiling, nail-biting, nervous tics, hair pulling, bullying, sleep disturbance, school phobia and other unwanted habits.

Hypnotherapy works really well for children as they tend to have an amazing imagination, and can easily visualise images or colours. The therapeutic approach is adapted to the age and capabilities of the child, taking into account language skills and, with very young children, their capacity to relax and be relatively still for a period of time. The length and cost of the session can be adapted to suit the needs of the child.

In addition to the issues mentioned above, older children and teenagers may have issues regarding study skills, motivation, exam anxiety, cyber/mobile phone-bullying, relationship problems, social anxieties, body image etc.

Hypnosis is a totally natural state of mind, likened to being in a daydream whilst still being completely in control of what is happening. The majority of children find hypnosis an enjoyable and relaxing process and gain valuable benefits and enduring life skills.

I recommend that parents take advantage of the free 20 minute no- obligation discovery session so that their child can meet me prior to the commencement of treatment. It is reassuring for them to familiarise themselves with their therapist and the therapy environment and ensures a more productive first session.

Prices and Appointments

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